BOLT 11 docs BOLT 11 Glossary resources links mailing list github bolts lndecode min_final_cltv_expiry tags BOLT 11 Invoice Protocol for Lightning Payments Encoding Overview bech32 used in segwit uri lightning: fallback bitcoin: Human-Readable Part ln bc amount multiplier m (milli): multiply by 0.001 u (micro): multiply by 0.000001 n (nano): multiply by 0.000000001 p (pico): multiply by 0.000000000001 tb testnet bcrt regtest Data Part timestamp: seconds-since-1970 (35 bits,  ... zero or more tagged parts signature: Bitcoin-style signature of ab ... 512-bit secp256k1 signature of the SHA2  ... Tagged Fields (7) type (5 bits) data_length (10 bits, big-endian) data (data_length x 5 bits) d description h (52) purpose of payment n (53) public key of node r routes(5) routing information for a private route pubkey (264) short_channel (64) fee_base_msat (32) fee_base_proportional_millionths (32) bigendian cltv_expiry_delta (16) bigendian x expiry time in seconds default 3600 p (52) preimage sha256 payment_hash provides proof of payment c min_final_cltv_expiry  to use for the last HTLC in the route default 9 f fallback depending on version. Fallback on-chain  ... 9 feature bits (5) Feature Bits Feature bits allow forward and backward  ... bigendian lsb 0 even msb 1 odd Payer / Payee Interactions These are generally defined by the rest  ... Implementation lightning payencode Examples
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